Sunset Beach


Sunset Beach in Orange County California is found in the south of Surfside and Seal Beach. Most of the houses are situated in sand beaches while posh hotels, shops, and restaurants are found in Pacific Coast Highway. Pacific Coast Highway is the main road that passes through in the one-mile stretch area.
This is a relatively small place as it only runs to an extent of one mile in the Pacific Coast Highway but its size does not deter it from being one of the best beaches in Orange County
You might be wondering what is the charm of this place? Sunset Beach community was already around for a hundred years. The people are close, warm and friendly people who always welcome new addition to their community. Even if you are a newcomer, or just on one of your California beach vacations, you will not feel a stranger here because of friendly smiles that will surely warm you up that this beach is well known for.
But what makes them different from other counties? What makes them different is the post office because Sunset Beach post office serves as the hub of all social events for the whole community. The post office is not just a place to get emails but it is the area where scheduled activities are publicly posted. Sunset Beach in Orange County, California is known to hold annual scheduled activities, which includes Weekend Art Festival during Mother’s Day, No Parade during Christmas and the Sale at Mile Long Garage.
Sunset Beach is one of the best beaches here in Orange County; this is the best place to enjoy the Long Beach skyline, sand, and windsurfing. Here you will surely enjoy swimming sunbathing and beach volleyball, as these are just some fun beach activities that you can do with your loved ones.
Enjoying the beach and meeting new friends is an easy thing here because aside from scheduled activities, Sunset Beach clubs and bars are really cool as they offer scrumptious food, drinks, and live music. The typical live music here includes rock, acoustic sounds, and R&B. Some of the popular clubs and bars here include Turc’s, Taco Surf, Irish Mist and Mother’s bar, the popular bar which has been around for many years already.
The good thing in Sunset Beach clubs and bars is that it does not only offer live sounds at night, but they also offer delectable lunch menus during the day. Sunset Beach in Orange County California also allows drinking to visitors, however, they don’t allow drinking under twenty-one years of age as part of California law, nor do they allow it directly on the beach.
Aside from bar hopping, this is also a cool place for surfing. Waves here are great for surfing that is why more and more people are trying the excitement of surfing in Sunset Beach. Kayaking is also another activity that is slowly gaining support from locals and visitors, as the bay across the street is perfect for kayaking.
A television drama program with the same title, Sunset Beach, was a stepping-stone of why this town got attention but according to locals, none of the characters and plot presented in the drama was in any way similar to them. Be sure to check out Sunset Beach in Orange County on your next vacation to California.