San Diego

One of the most popular California beach vacations is to San Diego. One of the top 10 safest cities in America, and the second largest city in California, San Diego has a mix of beautiful beaches, top-notch theme parks, Old-famous San Diego Zoo.

As far as beach resorts in California go, San Diego offers some of the best and most luxurious and also family-friendly resorts. San Diego is home to many distinctive beach locations and fun beach activities such as sailing, swimming, snorkeling, romantic gondola rides, and more. The best part of San Diego is that the average yearly temperature is a beautiful 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
San Diego residents, as well as the many who vacation there every year, all enjoy the local beaches. People of all ages, races, and sizes are enjoying the beach and the surrounding area by jogging, skating, surfing, or swimming.

The beaches of San Diego stretch for miles. The beaches in San Diego differ from those in the nearby metropolitan areas of Orange County and Los Angeles because they allow people to consume alcohol at the beaches, as well as being open longer for people to enjoy themselves.

Some of the top beaches in San Diego are Silver Strand State Beach, Pacific Beach, Borderfield State Park, Mission Beach, and many others. You can literally be at the edge of our country when visiting Borderfield State Park because it’s on the border between Mexico and the United States. There is a large wall that runs right into the ocean separating these two countries. If you are looking for a carnival or pier-type atmosphere, then you must check out the roller coaster on Mission Beach. Mission Bay is home to many water sports, including jet skiing and speed boating.
Then, if you are tired of the beach, you can check out the many different attraction in San Diego, including Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. But, with so many beaches, awesome beach resorts, fun vacation rentals, and the plethora of beach activities, you will be able to fill your cheap beach vacations with tons of activities to enjoy yourself in beautiful San Diego.